199: Why is My Husband so Defensive


Why is My Husband so Defensive

It’s annoying when you’re trying to have a conversation and your man either clams up and gets cold or raises his voice or starts arguing with you. It seems mysterious why he’s so riled up. If only he’d relax so you could have a normal conversation!

I used to be so confused about why my husband would look exasperated when I’d made an innocent comment. It turns out, it’s not because he’s just a defensive guy. Without meaning to or even realizing it, I was offending him. I didn’t think he should be offended! But he was. And now that I understand how I was offending him, it’s not surprising he was reacting so badly. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re going to answer the question “Why is my husband so defensive?”

  • I’ll share 3 embarrassing ways I unintentionally made my husband feel he had to protect himself from me.
  • My guest Rachel studied the 6 Intimacy Skills™ before her relationship even started but found that practicing them in theory was very different from practicing them in marriage. Here are the adjustments she made so she now says she’s married to the best husband in the world!

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