200: 5 Lessons from 200 Empowered Wife Interviews


5 Lessons from 200 Empowered Wife Interviews

This is the 200th episode of the Empowered Wife Podcast, so first of all, let’s have some confetti! Yay! It’s because of you listening to this podcast every week, many of you more than once, that it’s been so successful. So thank you for listening, for thinking marriage is important enough to learn about and work on, because it is, and for the glowing ratings and reviews, and for sharing the podcast with your friends and family! I’m so grateful. I want to celebrate with you that we’ve been together for all these years, working on making our marriages stronger, staying inspired, and changing the world by changing our own families, making them strong. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re going to reveal 5 lessons from 200 empowered wife podcasts.

  • I’ll take you behind the curtain to introduce you to my podcast team and share their aha moments. 
  • My guests today are two master relationship coaches and two husbands, one of them mine! They’ll talk about the top 5 lessons we’ve learned from doing 200 Empowered Wife Podcasts.

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