208: What is Emotional Cheating?


What is Emotional Cheating?

If you suspect your man is just a little too emotionally intimate with another woman, it feels terrible. It’s threatening because emotional intimacy was a big part of how you two fell in love to begin with. It could signal that he’s falling for someone else, which is not right. You shouldn’t have to fear that some other woman is having the connection with him that you want or that she might have bigger plans for his future. 

But where’s the line on emotional cheating? If he were clearly over the line, you could use the law to confront him. Then he would have to admit he is cheating and he’d realize that’s not the man he wants to be. He’d keep his distance and blow her off, like he should, and go back to being emotionally intimate with you and only you. But what if it’s not over the line? What if he’s just being friendly and there’s nothing to worry about? On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re unpacking exactly what emotional cheating is.

  • I’ll share some questions to help you find peace and restore your own sense of safety about your husband’s emotional connections.
  • Plus, my guest Maxine was grouchy and resentful that her husband wouldn’t do things for her no matter how creatively she nagged him. But she made some changes, and today her marriage feels really good. She knows he just wants to make her happy and that she has the key. She’s going to tell us what she did so you can do it too.  

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