214: Mistakes Were Made: Relationship Coaches Confess


Mistakes Were Made: Relationship Coaches Confess

Every month the Certified Relationship Coaches and I get together and tell true stories about our relationships because having lots of stories to share is an important part of being a great relationship coach. 

Some of the best stories, those most valuable to the person you’re coaching? They’re embarrassing.

They’re not proud moments or good examples of how to be a model wife. More like horrible warnings of what NOT to do to have a healthy marriage. 

Those are the kinds of stories we tell at these meetings, which are exclusively for the certified coaches, no one else. 

Hearing that I am NOT the only person who has these self-inflicted embarrassing moments is so comforting, such a relief, and so entertaining, at least for me. 

So this week I got permission to share a coaches’ storytelling meeting with you, even though the stories were originally told in this sacred space of our coaches-only private call. The coaches decided to let you in on things you don’t hear women admitting to very often. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m letting you in on mistakes that were made, where you get to eavesdrop as relationship coaches confess!

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