215: My Husband is Bent on Divorce: A True First Coaching Session


My Husband Is Bent on Divorce: A True First Coaching Session

If you’re anything like I was, this isn’t the first year you’ve resolved to improve your relationship. I said it year after year because I was so stuck and didn’t know what to do to get my husband to pay attention to me, be more affectionate, and be more responsible.

But this new year, your marriage can actually be different. And I don’t mean because you’re going to try harder, which never works but is very tiring (I’m tired just thinking about it). Or by going to counseling since many couples who get marriage counseling end up separated or divorced anyway. Or by being more giving and supportive to your man, even though I know you hear that everywhere.

Today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast is about the scary New Year’s resolution that will actually save your marriage.

  • I’ll share 3 things that changed everything at my house and will make your relationship vibrant and shiny this new year.
  • You’ll get to hear a true first coaching session with Brittany, who is so courageous to let me share this call with you from back when her husband was bent on divorce.

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