217: 3 Mistakes with Splitting Chores


3 Mistakes with Splitting Chores

I found myself doing all the housework not long after we were married because I thought it would be nice for him and I wanted to be a nice wife, and I wanted a clean house, home made meals, and neatly folded laundry. Plus I wanted those things done the right way. But it wasn’t long before I was overwhelmed, exhausted and mighty resentful! I was doing everything while he just skated along and watching TV, like I was the mom and he was a little boy. 

So then I decided he HAD to help, and I told him that. But he didn’t help. He wouldn’t. And looking back I can see why he didn’t. 

But I didn’t know I was making outrageous mistakes that were preventing him from doing chores. And I’m not the only one! I hear from students that they were making the same mistakes until they learned what to do.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m revealing 3 mistakes with splitting chores.

  • I’ll share how to get more help with housework. 
  • Plus, my guest Renee and her husband kept having big blow ups then cold wars then huge emotional hangovers over and over again. Renee took a long look at herself and saw some things she could improve. Today things are mostly peaceful, and he just wants to serve his wife and family. She’s going to tell us how she did it so you can do it too.

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