218: 3 Ways to Rebuild a Relationship and Stop Struggling


3 Ways to Rebuild a Relationship and Stop Struggling

If you’ve been struggling in your relationship for a while, you’re probably exhausted. I remember how hopeless and scared I felt when we’d been struggling for years and nothing was working to make it better. Not marriage counseling, not books about relationships, not working on communication—none of that worked for us.

It’s such a disappointment to go from feeling like he’s an amazing person you’re excited to spend the rest of your life with, to wondering what happened to that guy and feeling lonely, neglected, and even stupid for falling for him in the first place. 

Now that I’m back with that amazing guy I fell for, excited to get to spend every day with him again, here’s what I wish I had known. On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m revealing 3 ways to rebuild a relationship and stop struggling.

  • I’ll share what I’d ask if I could talk to myself when I was feeling the lowest about my broken marriage.
  • Plus, my guest Sharon felt starved for love and intimacy. So she flipped her part of the script and said some things she’d never said before. Today her marriage is pure bliss, and she loves the passion and how meaningful it feels. She’s going to tell us what she did so you can do it too!

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