220: 3 Ways to Force Your Marriage to Improve


5 Mistakes That Make Him Tune You Out

When my marriage was really bad, I just wanted to force it to get better through sheer will. That’s why I made John go to marriage counseling! 

I was willing to put in hard work and perseverance, of course, because that’s what I figured it meant to “work on” your marriage. I mean, I’d always heard marriage is hard work. Hard work! I heard that a lot. 

Weirdly, it’s not hard work now; it’s easy and fun and light. 

But back then I was exhausted, frustrated, and impatient for it to change already! I just wanted to know where to apply the force because I felt like I had plenty of that. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m revealing 3 ways to force your marriage to improve.

  • I’ll share information you’ll want to write down about why my husband can’t stop kissing me and is always bringing me tea and chasing me around the kitchen island.
  • Then, my guest Ellen was devastated to find out her husband was involved with another woman. She felt so lost! But she decided to find herself again in a dignified way. She not only saved her marriage—she made it stronger than she could have imagined. She’ll tell us what she did so you can do it too.

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