225: 3 Decisive Strategies for When Your Husband Calls You Names


3 Decisive Strategies for When Your Husband Calls You Names

It has such a chilling effect on intimacy you’re getting called names, especially rude ones that you wouldn’t even want to repeat. It’s so hurtful and scary. 

Everyone knows you shouldn’t put up with that if you have any self-respect. Verbal or emotional abuse is not okay. It also makes you feel really bad—unless you practice the Intimacy Skills and know about vulnerability. 

I know it sounds odd to even use the word “vulnerability” in the same sentence as “name-calling.” How can you be vulnerable when he has just attacked you like that? That sounds crazy, right? It did to me too at first. 

So on today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m sharing 3 decisive strategies for when your husband calls you names.

  • I’ll reveal how I run through the waterfall of fear when I’m hurt and come out the other side feeling safer and more loved than before. 
  • And, my guest Bre’s husband never wanted to spend time with her. Then she found out he was having an emotional affair with his ex. She wanted a divorce. But when she started to do some things differently, he changed without her even having to ask. Today they spend time together, and her marriage is fun and meaningful. She’s going to tell us how she did it so you can do it too. 

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