226: My Husband is Always Negative (3 Ways to Change That)


My Husband is Always Negative (3 Ways to Change That)

Being around Eeyore all the time is draining and discouraging. How are you supposed to enjoy life when your man is constantly making gloomy comments and throwing cold water on everything? 

You might wonder when he’s going to snap out of it or look for nutritional supplements for him or sleep aids or a therapist to help him cheer the heck up so you don’t have to be around his apathetic self. 

But none of that works, in my experience. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m talking about what to do when your husband is always negative, including 3 ways to change that.

  • I’ll share three things that will shift the tone of your home from pessimistic to positive. 
  • Then, with all the blowups and cold wars, the temperature at Michelle’s house was getting colder and colder. When she experimented with just one cheat phrase, things got warmer fast. She kept going with the Intimacy Skills, and today her marriage is happy, playful, safe and loving.

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