229: My Husband Would Rather Drink Too Much Than Be With Me: The 3-Step Cure


229: My Husband Would Rather Drink Too Much Than Be With Me: The 3-Step Cure

When you see your husband drinking too much, it’s very scary because you can’t help but wonder: Is this an addiction? Is he an alcoholic? If so, everybody knows that would come with a lifetime of suffering. Even if you’re not worried about that, just seeing him choose to get wasted instead of wanting to be with you hurts a lot. I remember how confused and hurt I was when I realized my husband would rather do a lot of things that seemed like a waste than spend time with me. I felt so unlovable, so undesired. And I really really wanted to feel loved and desired, so that was painful. 

But there is a cure.

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about the 3-step cure if your husband would rather drink too much than be with you.

  • I’ll share the three steps that I used when John didn’t want to spend time with me and that I’ve seen work for thousands of women.
  • Plus, my guest Jessica was living with a scary level of hostility and violence in her marriage. But she found there was something she could do about it, and she did it. Today she feels loved, cherished, and adored, and her marriage is free from domestic violence. She’s married to the same man. She’s going to tell us what she did so you can do it too.

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