231: How to Deal With Unmet Needs in a Relationship: 2 Secrets You Rarely Hear


How to Deal With Unmet Needs in a Relationship

When I got married, I thought my husband would support me, kiss away my tears, listen to my problems, desire me, snuggle with me, and do everything he could toward our common goals. And he did—for a while. 

When he became distant, I felt bamboozled and just knew that something was wrong with him. I thought I would have to end it and find someone who COULD meet my needs, which was scary and dreadful. 

The longer we struggled and went to marriage counseling, the more hopeless I felt that my needs would ever be met. 

I was working hard on the relationship, but I was doing all the wrong things. 

Turns out, I just needed to learn a few skills that contribute to a playful, passionate relationship where all my needs and desires are met because he naturally wants to make me happy, not because I’m begging him to meet my needs (yuck!).

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about how to deal with unmet needs in a relationship.

  • I’ll share 2 secrets I want every woman to know from women who had happy marriages about how to get your needs met in your relationship.
  • And, my guest Raquel was still a newlywed when her husband moved out suddenly, wouldn’t say why and wouldn’t come back. Then Raquel discovered the Intimacy Skills and dove right in. Today, her marriage is better than she ever thought it could be, even better than when they were dating. She’s going to tell us how she did it so you can do it too.


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