232: My Husband Speaks To Me So Disrespectfully: 3 Simple Fixes


3 Simple Fixes if Your Husband Speaks to You Disrespectfully

If your husband speaks to you disrespectfully, it feels really hurtful and embarrassing, especially if anyone else hears it, even if it’s just your kids. It’s not the role modeling you want them to have. If he’s yelling, swearing, calling you names, or telling you you’re crazy, stupid, or worse, you shouldn’t have to live with feeling demeaned like that by the guy who’s supposed to love and protect you. It’s stressful and bad for your self-esteem. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, I’m talking about 3 simple fixes if your husband speaks to you disrespectfully.

  • I’ll share how to get you back to feeling safe and adored when he talks to you.
  • Plus, my guest Dr. K and her husband were separated on different continents. Since she was the breadwinner and they had a lot of disagreements about parenting, there wasn’t much left to hold on to. But then Dr. K had some insights and changed how she showed up with him. Today her marriage is peaceful and she has a tender husband who takes on responsibilities for their family like never before. She’s going to tell us how she did it so you can do it too.

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