002: Becoming an Irresistible Magnet


There are 11 simple behaviors that men find irresistible in women, and not one of them has to do with hair, makeup or how you dress.

None of them are manipulations. They won’t make you seem desperate. You won’t have to dumb down.

In fact, they’ll help you be your best self—your real self.

I’ll share all 11 behaviors.

My guest Marissa thought there was something seriously wrong with her husband because she was getting zero help with their baby.

She started doing something that inspired her husband to take initiative with the baby and housework, and also shower her with presents and special treatment.

She shares exactly what she did.

And why she’s wearing a tiara and a big smile in this picture.


  • This is the essence of femininity, which is what men are fundamentally attracted to.
  • The moment my guest Marissa realized that things couldn’t go on in her marriage the way they were.
  • What she discovered about herself that she never saw before and how she used it to get a much better response from her husband.
  • The advice that I tried repeatedly to get more affection from my husband that never worked and just doesn’t work.


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