Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband

Valentine's Gifts for Husband

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband

The Astonishing Truth about What He Really Wants

Your husband doesn’t want flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Red socks or silk boxers or even a six-pack of his favorite beer won’t be as romantic to him as getting what he really wants from you.

And I don’t mean sex, although he likely wants that too.

But there are three things he wants even more. Giving them to him will make February 14th loving and dreamy for you both.

1. Your Receptivity

What if you didn’t get your husband a present for Valentine’s Day?

What if, instead, you gave him the gift of letting him treat and delight you?

Let him give you something sparkly or cheesy or sexy or take you out or cook for you.

Your gift to him will be that you receive his offering with joy, playfulness and applause.

In other words, letting him please you would be your contribution to the romance.

That may not seem like much of a gift, but that’s because you’re looking at it from your point of view instead of his.

For husbands, one of the best feelings in the world is making their wives happy. His wife doing something for him or getting him something is not as exciting or gratifying.

That’s just how they’re made.


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If you’re completely self-sufficient, then he doesn’t get much of an opportunity to feel like your hero.

If there’s quid pro quo with the gifts, then you’re keeping the score even instead of letting him give you special treatment.

He doesn’t really want a present. Sure, he’ll appreciate it because he knows that’s you showing him love.

But if he sees your eyes get wide or you smiling and gushing over what he got you or did for you?

That’s the best present of all for him. Really!

Consider the possibility that it’s better to receive than to give on Valentine’s Day.

2. Your Receptivity in the Bedroom

Most people want Valentine’s Day to be a day of passion.

It’s almost expected that you’ll make love because that’s what you do on the day you celebrate love.

When it comes to sex, men are powerfully attracted to the feminine—mind, body and spirit.

The essence of femininity is receptivity.

That means that being receptive to physical intimacy is more exciting than suggesting it because it’s more feminine.

One way to set the gender contrasts to high on Valentine’s Day, therefore, is to be receptive to physical intimacy.

Receptivity doesn’t have to be subtle, but it’s not the same as pursuing.

For example, wearing fancy underwear is NOT the same as suggesting sex—although it might seem like it is. It’s just a signal that you’re receptive.

Showing up naked is NOT the same as pursuing him. It’s just a powerful visual stimulus.

Saying “Do you want to make love?” is pursuing, and that won’t ever be as thrilling as being receptive.

Exclaiming “I’ve been so turned on today,” on the other hand, is letting him know you’re probably a yes for bedroom fun.

As a fringe benefit of this approach, when he responds to your receptivity you get to feel desired and irresistible.

3. Your Respect

Truly there is nothing more loving you can do for your husband than to be respectful.

If your motivation for getting him something is to convey how much you love him, learning what respect looks like to men and making it your practice will give him that warm, fuzzy feeling far more than anything you can buy.

If you’re anything like I was, you figure you’re pretty respectful most of the time.

You may be surprised to learn how very different respect is from what you think.

And if you find that the above suggestions about physical intimacy aren’t well received, respect is also the best aphrodisiac for men.

Nothing turns him on more than to know that you expect the best outcome from his decisions and that you trust his thinking about how to make your life amazing.

If you think about it, you were probably incredibly respectful when you were falling in love, and that was a pretty romantic time.

You probably fell for him partly because you thought he was so smart and capable.

It can be like that again as soon as you bring the respect, if that’s gone missing.

Hearing you say “Whatever you think” when he shares his ideas or “I apologize for being disrespectful” when you fall short of acting on your desire to have a respectful marriage will show him that you esteem him.

And for husbands, that’s the most loving, romantic gift of all.

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