3 Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

Unrealistic expectations in marriage

Did you get married expecting it to look a certain way and then get let down when it didn’t? That is so discouraging and can even put your marriage at risk. These are the top 3 expectations that I had in my marriage and that STILL come up for me sometimes and for many of… Read More »

Transform Your Marriage with the 6 Intimacy Skills

Marriage and the six intimacy skills

If you’re trying to practice the 6 Intimacy Skills™ in your relationship and they’re not working or you can’t remember to do them—or aren’t sure how to do them in your situation—that’s so frustrating and discouraging! You are not the only one. On The Empowered Wife Podcast, I interview women who have had success transforming… Read More »

How to Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

How to trigger a mans hero instinct

Men are highly motivated to make their wives happy. Notice I didn’t say “some men” or “most men,” but just “men.” That’s because in my research where I asked thousands of men how important it is that their wife is happy, they ALL said the same thing. That “It’s the most important thing,” “Everything,” “It’s… Read More »

How to Be a Good Wife

How to be a good wife

I was the perfect wife. Right up until I actually got married. That’s when it all went kablooey. But I thought that I was a good wife because I: Did so many things to help my husband Worked so hard Was sooooo smart I handled all the money for our family Was great at economizing… Read More »

Step-by-Step Instructions on Fixing Your Marriage

step-by-step instructions on fixing your marriage

When I first interviewed women who were happy in their marriages and asked for their secrets, they said these crazy things that didn’t make any sense to me. But I was desperate enough in my painful marriage to try what they said, and when I did the things they talked about, I got my miracle.… Read More »

5 Ways to Maintain Balance in a Relationship

Maintain Balance in a Relationship

In my early marriage when things were terribly out of balance, I was seething with resentment about my husband not doing enough chores and not making enough money, which left me with the heavy burden of having to make up for him in both areas. I had to control the finances since we were always… Read More »

3 Tips to Deal with Relationship Doubts

Deal with Relationship Doubts

Everybody has doubts about their relationship from time to time. Like the time I woke up sick the night after a trip to Tijuana and my husband’s first response was “Ha ha ha!” That was our first anniversary. And I thought “What is this thing that I’ve married?” But I had much more serious doubts… Read More »

3 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

When your marriage is in trouble, you know it because you’re worried that something bad is going to happen, like your family getting broken beyond repair. But how do you know whether your marriage is really in trouble or just going through a phase that everybody goes through? Here are three signs your marriage is… Read More »

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever? [3 powerful habits]

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever

When you first say the words “I do,” the idea that your marriage will last forever feels like a given. Of course it will! That’s why you’re committing for life in front of God and everybody! You met the right person and he miraculously felt all melty with you just like you did with him.… Read More »

How to Save a Marriage when Only One Is Trying

How to Save a Marriage when Only One Is Trying

It’s frustrating when you know your marriage is broken and yet your husband won’t do anything about it. He won’t read a marriage book, won’t go to counseling, won’t even have a conversation about it! It can make you crazy. I mean why even try if he’s not going to do anything?! Especially if the… Read More »