How I Changed My Family’s Legacy of Divorce to One of Strong, Happy Marriage

How I Changed My Family’s Legacy of Divorce to One of Strong, Happy Marriage

Carol Beauchemin, Laura Doyle Certified Coach

I come from generations of divorce. It seemed that was to be the destiny of my 26-year marriage as well.

Raising three children, self-employment, financial challenges and stress all put tremendous pressure on my husband and me, and our relationship was beaten down.

I resented the lack of partnership from him and felt very alone raising our children. The economy drop hurt our finances severely, and my fears consumed me—something he didn’t know how to handle.

When I expressed my fear, he heard only criticism and we were off to the races, not understanding one another on any level. I tried to fix things, but my control hurt our marriage and pushed him away. I lacked the tools to navigate these marital challenges.

My husband and I had been separated five months when I found Laura Doyle online. I began studying and went to the Cherished for Life Weekend. I was empowered as a woman to surrender control and grow into a better version of myself, which brought out the best in my husband too.

We began to heal.

The first thing I learned was how important it was to take care of myself again, as raising children and working so much had drained me and left me unclear of who Carol was anymore. I had always prioritized everyone else before myself, and that wasn’t working for me or serving my family.

I learned that when my cup is full, I can more easily handle the ups and downs of life. My joy returned as I practiced self-care and focused on the only thing I could control: me.

I was empowered to choose love and faith over fear and to implement the Six Intimacy Skills™. My husband and I reunited two months later. Today, he is my hero again.

Just last night he came home and installed the mirror I’ve been wanting. I know he was tired after a long day’s work, yet he still wanted to make me happy.

He now does laundry and cooking–anything he can to pitch in and help–not to mention rubbing my feet on the couch. I love that, almost as much as I do us dancing and laughing together in the kitchen!

Laura gave me the skills to rebuild our relationship and bring out the best in my man—and begin healing my family as well. I can now help mold the next generation with positive relationship skills by modeling a new legacy: strong marriage and family.


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As I’ve learned to shift away from negativity and fear, I have realized that so much has to do with the stories we tell.

Interestingly, while half of my heritage has generations of divorce, the other side has generations of long-term marriage. In fact, my paternal grandparents were married 71 years. I now choose to claim that legacy.

And so I begin this introduction again…

I come from a legacy of committed marriage. And I am committed to empowering other women to learn the Intimacy Skills to heal their families of the impact of stress, financial struggles, anger and resentment. Together we can turn even the most hopeless relationship into a marriage where you feel the love and closeness you felt when you were newly wed.

After all, isn’t that what we all deserve?


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