142: When to Leave a Relationship


When to Leave a Relationship

If you’re thinking of leaving your relationship, it’s because you’re feeling lonely, hurt and hopeless about it ever getting better. I still remember how terrible that felt and how much relief I felt thinking about escaping my marriage for that very reason. That pain was real! 

The part that wasn’t so real was my fantasy that leaving the relationship was going to fix my problems and make me feel better. The illusion, which I was completely convinced was the truth, was that my husband was the source of the problems that hurt me so much. But the reality, I now know, was that most of my suffering was because of a lack of training and support in practicing the Six Intimacy Skills™ and not because of a terrible, incorrigible husband. Back then, I would have sworn that it was all his fault and that he was never going to change. So my options were to leave or continue to suffer forever–and let’s not forget–ever. 

On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about when to leave a relationship. 

  • I’ll share why I hate to see any woman give up on her marriage before she gets these two things.
  • My guest Julie went to their last couple’s counseling appointment by herself because her husband wouldn’t go. She was living with constant cold wars and wondering whether he was a gaming addict or depressed. But then the marriage counselor recommended a book, and today Julie says her marriage is such a safe place and she feels like a new woman who is happy and hopeful. She’s so grateful for her patient, loyal, honest, fun husband. She’s going to tell us what she did so you can do it too.
  • The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week Award goes to a new Netflix show about getting married, and the title alone made me spit out my tea! 

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When to Leave a Relationship

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