Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

Is marriage counseling worth it?

If you and I have been hanging out together for a while on this blog, then you already know how I feel now about marriage canceling, I mean marriage counseling. So don’t even get me started! Who even approved this topic for the blog anyway? Actually, there is one very specific kind of marriage counseling… Read More »

The Best Marriage Support Group

Best Marriage Support Group

Before I had a marriage support group, John and I were struggling. I was really hurting and wanted to end my marriage. Marriage counseling didn’t work for us, and I didn’t know what else to do to get my husband to straighten up. Getting a marriage support group was one of the smartest things I… Read More »

Marriage Coaching vs Counseling

marriage coaching vs counseling

So, what does a marriage coach do? Good question. The realm of marriage coaching can seem mysterious for those of us who have been to individual or couples counseling but never had a coach except in school sports. Marriage counseling is all that any of us had for a long time. It still tends to… Read More »

How You Can Help End World Divorce

help end world divorce

Ending world divorce may sound like one very tall order. It might seem like something so big and overwhelming that you can’t imagine how it could happen, never mind how YOU could contribute to such a lofty goal. After all, relationships are falling apart everywhere you look, and it seems so normal, so business-as-usual to… Read More »

My Husband Is Miserable in Our Marriage

my husband is miserable in our marriage

If your husband says he loves you but is unhappy, you may be dealing with a case of Miserable Husband Syndrome. Do you wish he’d help out around the house but, no matter how nicely you ask, he’s too busy watching yet another episode of Breaking Bad? Have you begged him to spend time with… Read More »

What is a Relationship Coach?

When you’re struggling in your marriage you just want someone to help you fix it, or fix him or do whatever it is that’s going to help you stop hurting and feeling hopeless. That’s what relationship coaches do, but most people are more familiar with marriage counseling as the resource for a struggling marriage. So… Read More »

Finding Your Purpose while Fixing Your Relationship

Finding Your Purpose

When you have the vague feeling you have a calling in life that you’re not responding to, it’s like having an itch you can’t quite scratch. Your soul is whispering to you that there’s something you’re here on the planet to do–something important, but how do you find it? Even worse, when you’re not feeling… Read More »

How to Share the 6 Intimacy Skills™ with a Friend

Intimacy Skills

I’ve received a lot of requests for a blog on how to share Intimacy Skills with a sister, mom, daughter or friend. Seems we all know a woman or two who’s having a tough time in her relationship. Maybe you listen to her vent or you’re her shoulder to cry on. You wish you could… Read More »

Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

By the time I was trying to find marriage counselors, things were pretty bad at our house. I wasn’t looking for suggestions on how to improve a good thing; I was looking for ways to hold the marriage together before it self-destructed. I remember knowing that we just couldn’t figure it out ourselves really helped… Read More »

Your Experience Can Help Save Marriages

Doesn’t your marriage have to be fixed before you can help someone else? I didn’t set out to be a relationship expert. I was just trying to get my husband to pick up after himself, and be more romantic and quit watching TV all the time. In the process, I accidentally