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Empowered Wives TV

The Inspirational Series About How to Attract Your Husband’s Time, Attention and Affection

You hardly ever get to hear what’s actually going on inside of people’s marriages.

The more serious the problem, the less you hear about it.

That’s why, when you’re in a struggling relationship, you feel like the only one in the world with that problem.

Of course you’re not.

Lots of women have the same struggles as you in their relationships.

They just aren’t talking about it…except on the new streaming Amazon show Empowered Wives.

The show explores the struggles you rarely hear about, and what a woman can single-handedly do to revitalize her boring or broken relationship.

Each guest has a life-changing insight, and many experience radical transformation as a result of a brief but profound conversation.

The most inspiring part is watching each guest go from being a struggling wife to an Empowered Wife who knows what to do to create a playful, passionate relationship.

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What You’ll Learn:

  1. The #1 most important qualification for becoming a successful relationship coach (Hint: It’s not letters behind your name)
  2. The indispensable first step to having a passionate peaceful relationship and how you can show this to the women in your life who are hurting, to help them have better romantic relationships, just like my coaches and I do for our clients
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