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Manifested Desire to Marry


Three years and two dismal divorces ago, I finally met the man of my dreams! Mike and I get along great, make each other laugh, thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, and my friends and family always comment on how happy we look. Nothing was really wrong with our relationship, and we could’ve continued this way, except my friend recommended a book titled The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle.

Even though everything was fine with Mike and I, this book started to change the way I thought about things–things like intimacy and vulnerability, being respectful and grateful, taking care of myself, and being more feminine at home compared to when I’m at work. One of the biggest benefits I received from practicing Laura’s Intimacy Skills™ is that I learned how to express myself to Mike without being attached to the outcome, or making him wrong for not doing what I thought he should do.

I knew very early on in our relationship that I wanted to marry Mike, but he felt that he would never get married again. I had resolved myself to the unhappy fact that I would either have to live with Mike’s decision and never be married again, or, at some point, I’d have to leave Mike and find a man who was willing to commit to marriage with me. Neither choice was ideal. I did not want to leave this man, so I procrastinated out of fear of losing him. After reading Laura’s book and thinking about what I really needed and wanted, Mike and I had a beautiful and intimate conversation one evening. I simply shared my desire to be married, without any attachment, and let him know I also understood his side of things. I literally had no expectation, I just wanted to be clear and honest with him, and I was more than a little terrified to be this vulnerable.

His response blew me away! He said that lately he had been thinking a lot about marrying me, and didn’t want to lose me because of things that had happened in the past, and he was struggling to resolve what he needed to resolve. He said he would do whatever it took. An impromptu-sort-of-proposal followed and, incredibly, we began that very evening making plans for our wedding! We got married less than 6 weeks later and couldn’t be happier!

Practicing the Intimacy Skills helps me to consciously choose intimacy with my husband rather than just letting the moments pass by as usual. Now, not only does my relationship have even more depth and meaning, I feel closer and more deeply in love with my husband than ever! There’s something in Laura’s work that’s available to every woman who’s interested in having a wonderful, close relationship with their husband or partner, or who’s interested in finding the man of their dreams. Laura describes it as being “cherished and adored for life.” If you are one of those women, I invite you to take a chance on these skills by contacting a Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach or booking your free Discovery Session here.

By Laura Doyle

Hi! I'm Laura.

New York Times Bestselling Author

I was the perfect wife--until I actually got married. When I tried to tell my husband how to be more romantic, more ambitious, and tidier, he avoided me. I dragged him to marriage counseling and nearly divorced him. I then started talking to women who had what I wanted in their marriages and that’s when I got my miracle. The man who wooed me returned.

I wrote a few books about what I learned and accidentally started a worldwide movement of women who practice The Six Intimacy Skills™ that lead to having amazing, vibrant relationships. The thing I’m most proud of is my playful, passionate relationship with my hilarious husband John–who has been dressing himself since before I was born.

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WOW!! This article is exactly what I needed today…Im in the exact situation and I want to marry my current boyfriend…Him and I get along well, but he is hesitant with getting married again after being married 2 times before….I do plan to sign up for relationship coaching with Laura…..Thank you for sharing this article.

Hi Wanda,

Thank you for your interest in The Surrendered Wife! You can shop all of our current books, as well as read FREE sample chapters here

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