Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats and be Cherished for Life Instead

Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats

and be Cherished for Life Instead

Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats This is not your ordinary relationship event. It is unlike any other marriage counseling retreats that you may have heard of. For starters, the Cherished For Life Weekend is specifically designed for women and not couples. Where traditional couples’ retreats tend to focus on resolving issues that bother you about your spouse, this weekend specifically focuses on you as a woman and how you can make your relationship all that you’ve ever dreamed of. Often times, couples who have come out of a counseling session or retreat find themselves in an argument. Not a lot of intimacy can come from one person complaining or criticizing about the other. Instead, you will learn the skills to transform your marriage from cold and distant, to intimate and passionate.

Here’s another big difference: There are no therapists here- only highly trained and certified coaches who are real wives with real lives. The difference between this kind of relationship event and traditional marriage counseling retreats is that unlike counseling, where your therapist may have a bad relationship or even be divorced, the women who guide you are all enjoying relationships with men who love and adore them. If your therapist doesn’t have the kind of relationship that you crave then she can’t tell you how to get it.

Marriage Counseling RetreatsThe way to nurture your marriage is to nurture yourself first. Where marriage counseling can often be about making your partner wrong or pointing out things that you want them to change, learning and practicing the Six Intimacy Skills™ instead allows you to nurture your feminine spirit and learn how to treat yourself well. Why is that so important? Because in life there is only one person you can change- You! Learning how to take care of your spirit will go a long way to bringing more peace and happiness into your relationship.

This jam-packed weekend will empower every woman who attends with the habits that create and perpetuate lasting love—the amazing, passionate kind where you’re holding hands, snuggling, and laughing together.



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