Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats and Be Cherished for Life Instead

Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats This is not your ordinary relationship event. It is unlike any other marriage counseling retreats that you may have heard of. For starters, the Cherished For Life Weekend is specifically designed for women and not couples. Where traditional couples’ retreats tend to focus on resolving issues that bother you about your spouse, this weekend specifically focuses on you as a woman and how you can make your relationship all that you’ve ever dreamed of. Often times, couples who have come out of a counseling session or retreat find themselves in an argument. Not a lot of intimacy can come from one person complaining or criticizing about the other. Instead, you will learn the skills to transform your marriage from cold and distant, to intimate and passionate.

Here’s another big difference: There are no therapists here- only highly trained and certified coaches who are real wives with real lives. The difference between this kind of relationship event and traditional marriage counseling retreats is that unlike counseling, where your therapist may have a bad relationship or even be divorced, the women who guide you are all enjoying relationships with men who love and adore them. If your therapist doesn’t have the kind of relationship that you crave then she can’t tell you how to get it.

Marriage Counseling RetreatsThe way to nurture your marriage is to nurture yourself first. Where marriage counseling can often be about making your partner wrong or pointing out things that you want them to change, learning and practicing the Six Intimacy Skills™ instead allows you to nurture your feminine spirit and learn how to treat yourself well. Why is that so important? Because in life there is only one person you can change- You! Learning how to take care of your spirit will go a long way to bringing more peace and happiness into your relationship.

This jam-packed weekend will empower every woman who attends with the habits that create and perpetuate lasting love—the amazing, passionate kind where you’re holding hands, snuggling, and laughing together.



12 thoughts on “Skip Marriage Counseling Retreats and Be Cherished for Life Instead”

    • Kathy, I love that you want to get together with fellow empowered women! We have virtual retreats from time to time in The Adored Wife Facebook group at I look forward to seeing you there!

    • I’m hopeful for the same information. I can’t afford coaching or any of these other programs because I’m the only one working right now and I’m honestly on the brink of giving up. I’m sick of getting the short end of the stick and having to be the one to do all the work with no support while he “doesn’t have to think about it” and it’s just an easy, natural response for him. If I’m doing this, I need support.

      • Hi M, I hear you 100%. It is exhausting and lonely being the one doing all the work. I couldn’t do this without support either! Stay tuned by email and I’ll let you know when my next 5-Day Challenge is coming up.

  1. Do you have any Cherished for Life events coming up? My friend and I are working through your book, but a jump start would be so helpful, and the coaching isn’t an option right now.
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Mindy, I look forward to announcing the next 5-Day Adored Wife Challenge, a free virtual event. Stay tuned by email and I’ll keep you posted!

      • I’m interested in this as well. Recently read your Empowered Wife book and it’s the first thing that’s given me hope in a very long time. Have been separated from my husband for almost a year and a half…not sure whether it might be time to give up as he is not showing any willingness or interest in repairing things that are broken in our marriage. (Meanwhile, I’ve been doing everything that’s on “my page.” Truly. I’m very discouraged and wondering if giving up might also be a form of Intimacy Skill #1: self-care. Being in a waiting position for so long, with someone who is so passive, has me depressed…and is also affecting my physical health as well.

        Not in a position to pay for the Adored Wife Challenge right now due to double rent. Really need wisdom and guidance.

        • E, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this separation and he’s not even reciprocating your efforts. That does sound depressing. Wondering if you should just give up is painful. I remember. That’s how I learned how vital it is to have a community, or I’d have stayed on that fence.

          Speaking of community, you’re in luck–the 5-Day Adored Wife Challenge is free! I’ll email you when it’s coming up, so stay tuned. There is hope for you too!


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