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035: How to Stop Raging for Good

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: How to Stop Raging for Good? It may not have been my first rageaholic episode, but I have a cringe-worthy memory of verbally ripping my sister up one side and down the other in anger when I was in college. Her crime? She locked my keys in the car. I could not contain the barrage of ugly words that came pouring out of me. I said

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What to do to stop the silent treatment?

034: Three Steps to Stop the Silent Treatment

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: What to Do to Stop the Silent Treatment When your husband is giving you the silent treatment, it hurts. A lot. I still remember how lonely it was when we had cold wars in my house. Your brain goes into an endless loop of thinking about how to get him to talk to you again. It gnaws at you and colors everything else in your world.

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How can my husband love me

033: How To Be Loved The Way You Are

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: How Can I Be Loved Just The Way I am? I used to think being vulnerable was a sign of weakness. I didn’t think it was particularly desirable to be weak, so the whole vulnerability thing seemed like something to avoid. I knew I was strong and could speak up when something wasn’t right, which I didn’t hesitate to do. I wasn’t afraid to fight city

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My husband makes me worry

032: How to Stop Worrying About Your Relationship

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: How Can I Stop Worrying About My Relationship? When you’re not getting what you need in your relationship, you worry. Are things ever going to get better? Or is this relationship a huge mistake? Is your partner ever going to change, or is this problem, this pain you’re feeling now, going to be with you for the rest of your life? You just want to know

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How do I know I am controlling

031: 15 Signs You’re Not Controlling

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: 15 Signs You’re Not Controlling What happens when 18 women tell the up-close and personal story of how their marriages were struggling in some way, and describe exactly how they stopped controlling to restore the passion and playfulness? First, you get an inspiring book of best practices for a playful, passionate marriage, which you can then apply to your own relationship. Second, some other patterns emerge.

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I want more ccompliments from my husband

030: How to Get More Compliments from Your Man

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: How Can I Get More Compliments From My Man? When you were dating, your husband probably wooed you with words. He most likely told you how great you looked, or how nice you are, and that he found himself thinking about you at work. Maybe he said he thought you were so sexy it was distracting, and that he loved your beautiful smile, and that he

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What can I do if my husband cheats

029: What to Do When Your Husband Cheats

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: What to Do When Your Husband Cheats When your worst fears are confirmed and you find out your husband has cheated, it’s completely devastating. News of that betrayal likely brings up fury, deep hurt and even hopelessness. To make things even worse, he may try to deny it or react with hostility at the mere accusation of cheating, even though–or maybe because–he is guilty as charged.

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How can I make my marriage better

028: How to Make Things Better Without His Conscious Effort

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: How to Make Things Better without His Conscious Effort When your relationship is in the doldrums, it’s tempting to blame your husband for the problems. That was my initial approach and it didn’t help matters. At all! I really believed if he would be more romantic, help clean up more and make more money, everything would be great. Turns out the joke was on me because

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I feel that my husband doesn't love me

027: What to do When Your Husband Says He Doesn’t Love You

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: WHAT TO DO WHEN MY HUSBAND SAYS HE DOESN’T LOVE ME Being married to a man who was once affectionate and thoughtful, but isn’t anymore, is painful and heartbreaking. I still remember what that was like. It hurts just thinking about it, even though that was years ago. But what if the underlying problem was something you could fix pretty quickly, once you knew how? Because

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I feel rejected by my husband

026: How to Work on Your Relationship When Your Husband Refuses

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: HOW TO WORK ON MY RELATIONSHIP WHEN MY HUSBAND REFUSES Some men go to marriage counseling willingly, but most do so grudgingly, and still more flat-out refuse. They won’t read a book about relationships and don’t seem interested in talking about the problems either. It can be incredibly frustrating for a wife who knows that her marriage isn’t what it could be. After all, if he

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How to stop my husband's verbal abuse?

025: How to Stop His Emotional Abuse

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: HOW CAN I STOP MY HUSBAND’S VERBAL ABUSE? Is your man cruel at times? Does he swear, yell and call you names? Does it undermine your self-esteem? If so, then you may be verbally abused. What if there’s no fight, no warning and your husband’s harsh, hurtful words appear to be coming out of nowhere? Then what? I’ve made an interesting discovery about verbal abuse and

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How to ge my husband to listen to me

024: How to Get Your Husband to Listen

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY HUSBAND TO LISTEN TO ME? Having the same conversation again and again, the one that turns into an argument or a cold war every time, gets old fast. But when your husband isn’t holding up his end of the parenting, finances or household maintenance, you end up stuck holding the bag, which is exhausting. You’re likely to get resentful

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How to help my husbands mid-life crisis

023: How To Manage His Mid-Life Crisis

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR HUSBAND IS HAVING A MIDLIFE CRISIS? How do you keep your connection, your cool and your dignity when your husband is having a midlife crisis? If you’ve ever experienced your husband taking what looks like a sudden turn off of family life lane and speeding down immature, selfish highway—possibly in a new sports car—then you’ve probably suspected him of having a

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Why is my husband not earning enough money

022: When Your Husband Doesn’t Earn Enough

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: What to do if my husband doesn’t earn enough? By the time you’re done listening to this podcast, you’ll know how to inspire your husband to be more prosperous. What I’m going to share with you is powerful whether he’s out of work, retired, or just under-earning. But it is not at all obvious. In fact, it’s completely counter-intuitive. At least, it was for me, and

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What to do if my husband dringks too much

021: What If Your Husband Drinks Too Much?

LISTEN TO THE SHOW: What If Your Husband Drinks Too Much? Like anyone who drinks too much, your husband gets annoying and stupid when he’s intoxicated. It might be nice if he never did that, but the bigger question is whether your man’s drinking is over the line. Maybe he drinks every night, or drinks to oblivion on a regular basis, or gets mean when he drinks. Maybe he’s missed

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