3 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

When your marriage is in trouble, you know it because you’re worried that something bad is going to happen, like your family getting broken beyond repair. But how do you know whether your marriage is really in trouble or just going through a phase that everybody goes through? Here are three signs your marriage is… Read More »

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever?

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever

When you first say the words “I do,” the idea that your marriage will last forever feels like a given. Of course it will! That’s why you’re committing for life in front of God and everybody! You met the right person and he miraculously felt all melty with you just like you did with him.… Read More »

How to Save a Marriage when Only One Is Trying

How to Save a Marriage when Only One Is Trying

It’s frustrating when you know your marriage is broken and yet your husband won’t do anything about it. He won’t read a marriage book, won’t go to counseling, won’t even have a conversation about it! It can make you crazy. I mean why even try if he’s not going to do anything?! Especially if the… Read More »

What Keeps a Marriage Together

what keeps a marriage together

If you Google “rules for a successful marriage,” tread with caution. Some of the advice tidbits out there are just silly, others downright dangerous. You’ll come across things like a wife suggesting, “Whenever we’re working on something, we make it a point to ask the other person ‘Can I help?’” Screeeeech. If you’ve tried this… Read More »

How to Survive in an Unhappy Marriage

how to survive in an unhappy marriage

Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage but can’t leave? Maybe you’re in an unhappy marriage with kids, for example, and you really don’t want to see your family torn apart. So you grin (at least sometimes) and bear it. But at what cost? It’s so painful to endure it all: the frustration of not… Read More »

When Your Husband Chooses Friends Over You

Does your husband always have friends over? Or talk to his best friend more than you? Worse yet, how are you supposed to deal with a husband who goes out all the time? Whether he’s a social butterfly or a barfly, not being his number one is downright disappointing. It can feel hopeless and so… Read More »

How Does Quarantine Affect Your Marriage?

Corona Virus Affect Marriage

Some people say quarantining with your family because of COVID-19 can be a wonderful bonding time, but what if it just feels like daily drama and conflict? You’re not alone. That’s adding stress when you’re already anxious about Coronavirus, financial losses and adjusting your life to the new normal. Here are the mistakes that everyone… Read More »

When Love Doesn’t Conquer All

When Love Doesn't Conquer All

In 2000, I was blessed with a second chance: a do-over with Jay, my first love and the father of my only child. Jay and I had not seen each other or even spoken for almost 20 long years. Somehow, neither of us had married or had other children. When we reconnected, we knew that… Read More »

I Am Exhausted

I am Exhausted

Marissa, Laura Doyle Certified Coach In my house, I did it all. If a diaper needed to be changed, I changed it. If a last-minute doctor visit was needed, I rearranged my schedule. If the house was dirty, I cleaned it. I was exhausted from handling the majority of the childcare and household responsibilities. I… Read More »

My Husband Irritates Me

By Sara, Laura Doyle Certified Coach I had a hard time talking with my husband from the beginning. Sitting in the lobby of some hotel, I would feel stifled at his choice of topics for conversation. I felt pressured to read up before we met so that I would look at least somewhat intelligent. I’d… Read More »