Does My Husband Have Aspergers or a Mental Illness?

Does My Husband Have Aspergers

Hearing a mental health diagnosis from a professional about your husband is sad news, but it can also really seem like the doorway to the promised land where your relationship improves. It sure did for me. Of course I was crushed to learn that my husband had a mental disorder, but I also felt hopeful… Read More »

Self-Care Activities

Self-care Activities

Whenever a woman tells me that she’s having a lot of arguments in her relationship, one of the very first things I ask her is, “How’s your self-care?” Most of the time the response is that she hasn’t had the time to do much for her own enjoyment lately. That happens to all of us… Read More »

The Art of Self-Care

The Art of Self-Care

Megan Askew As a stay at home mom of two children, I am pretty good at putting them first and myself last. It seemed that being the best mom and wife were, at one time, my only priorities. I lived for my children and my husband, my entire life revolved around them for over ten… Read More »