Power Struggles in Marriage

Power Struggles in Marriage

Power Struggles in Marriage

3 Steps to End the Exhausting Tug of War Forever

When every negotiation at your house feels like a battle, you waste a lot of energy.

Whether it’s about how to handle a baby who won’t sleep, a budget that doesn’t add up, or a growing mess in the house, it takes a lot longer to accomplish things when you have to debate and argue about them first.

Instead of feeling light and energized, you’re already tired before breakfast when you’ve had a back and forth about who should drive the kids, walk the dog or stop spending so much.

You just want to be logical and do what makes sense to solve the problem, but your husband doesn’t see it the same way, or he won’t talk about it or do things the way you need them done.

This is not teamwork–this is an endless argument, most of it petty. But how do you stop the tug of war when nothing you say seems to make any difference?

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Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

How to End Wall-to-Wall Hostility in a Hurry

When you’re fighting, bickering and snapping at each other, you just want it to stop.

You want him to understand where you’re coming from and make him realize that it’s ridiculous to keep arguing.

Or else you find yourself imagining how nice it would be to be alone, with no one contradicting or finding fault with everything you say.

You’d also love an apology and some assurance that he’ll stop causing so many conflicts with you, the kids, the neighbors and everyone else who crosses his path.

Most of all, you want a peaceful house. But how?

You can singlehandedly cultivate the calm you crave.

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How to Fix My Husband

How to Fix My Husband

How to Fix My Husband

The Instruction Manual You Always Wanted

When your man is making bad decisions, it drags you down.

It’s like he’s broken, and since your fates are tied together by matrimony, that’s a lot of weight you’re pulling when your hands are already full.

You’d like him to start contributing more, so it’s logical to try to help him improve.

You’ve tried encouraging him and telling him where to focus his efforts or what he needs to do differently, but nothing changes.

You’ve tried giving him suggestions and teaching him what you know, but he doesn’t make much effort and you’re afraid he never will.

He continues to complain and seem depressed, distant or angry all the time. It’s incredibly discouraging.

And here you are, reading this post trying to fix it, even though you’re already doing all the work in this relationship. At least it feels that way.

I still remember how painful that is.

Turns out, there is something you can do that works, but it’s probably not what you think.

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I’m Not in Love with My Husband

I’m Not in Love with My Husband

I’m Not in Love with My Husband

3 Ways to Bring Back the Sizzle Even if You’re Not Feeling It

When you’re falling in love, you’re temporarily insane.

You didn’t even notice things like bad breath or that he has ESPN on all the time or slurps his cereal.

But years into marriage, you not only notice unattractive things about him, you’ve completely lost sight of whatever it was you saw in him.

Why did you marry this guy again?

He’s put on weight. He spends all his spare time on the couch. He’s too harsh with the kids.

All of that takes a toll on how you feel about him.

You don’t want to admit it out loud, but you’re searching Google for some kind of answer because this is not the marriage you envisioned and you want to know your options (i.e., escape route).

You wish you could admire your husband and feel excited about him. But how can you if you’re feeling repulsed?

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My Husband Cheated on Me

My Husband Cheated on Me

My Husband Cheated on Me

How to Recover when You Discover Something You Wish Weren’t True

When your worst fears are confirmed and you find out your husband has cheated, it’s completely devastating.

News of that betrayal likely brings up fury, deep hurt and even hopelessness.

To make things even worse, he may try to deny it or react with hostility at the mere accusation of cheating, even though–or maybe because–he is guilty as charged.

It’s normal to want to punish him so he knows how much he hurt you.

It’s also normal not to know what to do. You don’t want to feel like a fool, and you already do.

Some friends will tell you to leave him as soon as possible, that his crime is unforgivable.

But what if you’re not ready for life as you know it to end?

What if you want to keep your family together?

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Finding Your Purpose while Fixing Your Relationship

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose while Fixing Your Relationship

How to Access the Portal to Living Your Passion

When you have the vague feeling you have a calling in life that you’re not responding to, it’s like having an itch you can’t quite scratch.

Your soul is whispering to you that there’s something you’re here on the planet to do–something important, but how do you find it?

Even worse, when you’re not feeling purposeful, exhilarated or joyful in your work, that will lead to a strain in your relationship.

And if your relationship is struggling, that robs you from accomplishing all you want to do.

In other words, the two pain points are tied together and aggravate each other.

I didn’t realize that when my marriage was struggling. I just thought my husband was a loser pants and that work was hard but I could retire in 40 years (unless I got fired again).

Fortunately, I was wrong about everything.

I haven’t been fired for decades now. I do exhilarating work every day. And my marriage is amazing.

Here are 3 ways to transform your relationship and find your purpose at the same time:

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7 Ways to Be More Attractive

Ways to Be More Attractive

7 Ways to Be More Attractive to Your Man

(Hint: It’s Not about Your Looks)

If you’re anything like me and most of the women I talk to, you want to feel that your husband desires you–that he finds you magnetic and irresistible.

If, like me, you’ve found yourself feeling entirely resistible to your man, you know how painful that is.

You might think that means it’s time to get highlights, hit the tanning booth and book a Brazilian.

But when I found myself in a miserable marriage, I had to look beyond blonde locks and bronze skin to create irresistibility. What I learned has given me an unfair advantage.

“Don’t move,” my husband said while I was brushing crumbs off the kitchen counter recently. He got out his phone to take my picture, like I’m a supermodel. This is after 28 years of marriage.

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