How did Your Husband Woo You?

Dear Laura, My husband NEVER compliments me or praises me for ANYTHING. I am not dramatizing it either. He never has. He’s never even said, “You’re beautiful,” or “You look good in that dress.” This isn’t something he just stopped doing–he’s never done it, even when we were dating. I feel so unloved and unattractive […]

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How to Know if You Should Get a Divorce

I hate hearing about someone getting divorced. It always gives me a sinking feeling because I remember the pain and desperation I felt years ago when I was contemplating divorce. I remember how lonely and miserable that was, and—I now know—how unnecessary. My mission is to end world divorce by getting women the information that […]

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What it Really Means to Be a Good Wife

A Muslim, a Jew and a Christian all went to a workshop…and found that the concepts supported what they learned from their faith. I know it sounds like a joke, but one of the deeply moving things about teaching the principles of intimacy is that they are universal to women of all faiths and no faiths. Today’s guest blog is from a Muslim woman who found surrendering to be an eye-opening experience.

I taught a four-week workshop on How to Have an Intimate, Passionate, Peaceful Relationship with your Man at a local mosque last year and I’ll be offering it again in September. For more information, go to

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