My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me

My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me

We all want to feel seen, heard and understood. If you’re not feeling understood, it’s like you’re missing a nutrient in your diet, and you start to feel malnourished. I remember feeling this way when I’d listen to my husband talk endlessly about something he was interested in but then as soon as I brought… Read More »

How to Tell Your Husband He Hurt Your Feelings

How to Tell Someone They Hurt You

When your husband is harsh, thoughtless or downright mean, of course you want him to stop. If you’re anything like I was, you want him to feel embarrassed or ashamed so he won’t do that again! And since he promised to love you in front of God and everybody, it stands to reason that letting… Read More »

5 Keys to Communication in Marriage

effective communication in marriage

Effective communication in marriage can be elusive. If you’ve already tried communicating the way a psychologist, YouTuber, or even your husband suggested, only to end up fighting anyway, it is so frustrating! Whatever types of communication in marriage you’ve tried, if you’re still feeling unheard, that’s a pretty lonely place to be. It’s easy to… Read More »

Respect in Marriage

What is respect in marriage? If you’re asking yourself that question, kudos to you. It means you recognize the importance of respect in your relationship. You’re way ahead of where I was when my marriage was on the fritz. I had no idea that respect is like oxygen to men. And that I was depriving… Read More »

My Husband Is Always Angry

If your husband keeps getting angry, you are not alone. When he blows a fuse at you or the kids, it can be really hurtful and scary.  When it happens again and again, then it has a way of making you angry too.  Especially if he jumps down your throat at the smallest things, like… Read More »