I Don’t Trust My Husband

I don't Trust my husband.

It’s terrible to feel like you can’t trust the man you married, whether you don’t trust him to be faithful, to take care of the kids, or to be responsible with money. It just feels bad. It means you don’t feel heard or seen because if he were listening and he did care, then he… Read More »

3 Secrets to Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

Rebuilding Trust in marriage

If you’re trying to fathom how you could ever rebuild the trust in your marriage, it means you’ve had it broken in a big way. That’s so painful and scary because it seems so permanent! If you’re feeling bad because you feel responsible for breaking your husband’s trust, you might also be struggling to know… Read More »

Recovering From an Affair: The Ultimate Guide to Healing

When you discover your partner’s infidelity, a horrible sinking feeling washes over you–followed quickly by a wave of denial. “It can’t be true!” you try to reassure yourself, even as another wave of realization pummels you with the truth: This is actually happening to you even though you never thought it would. Being the victim… Read More »

My Husband Betrayed Me

By Empowered Wife Rachel At the age of 20, I met my husband to be. He was charming, a true gentleman with such a beautiful heart. I fell in love quickly, and the next year we were married. I was so happy to be a wife and full of anticipation about the life we would… Read More »

My Husband Cheated on Me

My Husband Cheated on Me

When your worst fears are confirmed and you find out your husband has cheated, it’s completely devastating. News of that betrayal likely brings up fury, deep hurt and even hopelessness. To make things even worse, he may try to deny it or react with hostility at the mere accusation of cheating, even though–or maybe because–he… Read More »

Getting Over Being Cheated On

Getting Over Being Cheated On

Getting cheated on is ridiculously painful. It’s a betrayal that hurts like crazy and seems like it could be impossible to recover from–personally, and as a couple. I mean, how could he? It’s human to want to make him hurt too, and to yell and throw things. It’s irresistible to berate him. From crying in… Read More »

How to Put an End to Your Husband’s Affair and Get Him Back for Good

my husband had an affair now what

One of the awesomest things about being a relationship coach for over 16 years is that I’ve had the privilege of watching thousands of relationships transform from broken and hopeless to vibrant and connected. My clients often come to me after a stint of marriage counseling (which I don’t recommend for these reasons) or a… Read More »