Living with an Addict

Living with an Addict

Living with an addict is so scary. Here you’ve tied yourself to your husband for better or worse, and he’s gotten much worse. You question whether you should be trusting him with things that will impact your life when he’s always under the influence of his addiction. Addicts have a terrible reputation for making bad… Read More »

How to Be a Good Wife

How to be a good wife

I was the perfect wife. Right up until I actually got married. That’s when it all went kablooey. But I thought that I was a good wife because I: Did so many things to help my husband Worked so hard Was sooooo smart I handled all the money for our family Was great at economizing… Read More »

Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

Is marriage counseling worth it?

If you and I have been hanging out together for a while on this blog, then you already know how I feel now about marriage canceling, I mean marriage counseling. So don’t even get me started! Who even approved this topic for the blog anyway? Actually, there is one very specific kind of marriage counseling… Read More »

3 Secrets to Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

Rebuilding Trust in marriage

If you’re trying to fathom how you could ever rebuild the trust in your marriage, it means you’ve had it broken in a big way. That’s so painful and scary because it seems so permanent! If you’re feeling bad because you feel responsible for breaking your husband’s trust, you might also be struggling to know… Read More »

Married to an Angry Man

Married to an angry man

Being married to an angry man is scary because it’s unpredictable. It’s only natural to make like a turtle and retreat into your shell because it can really hurt to get the brunt of his anger. Your brain works overtime thinking of ways to protect yourself, which is exhausting and stressful. It can also make… Read More »

Your Journey to Becoming a Ridiculously Happy Wife

becoming a ridiculously happy wife

When you’re struggling in your marriage because you’re getting hurt, neglected or criticized, it’s so discouraging and draining. That’s especially true if you’ve been practicing The Six Intimacy Skills™ that you hear about on this blog or my podcast, or in The Empowered Wife book or audiobook and it’s just not working. You might start to… Read More »

Top 5 Signs Your Marriage Won’t Last and How to Rebuild

Signs Your Marriage Won't Last

If your marriage is gasping for breath, I don’t need to tell you how painful that is. Or how scary, especially when you think of what’s at stake. Your heart, for one thing, not to mention the life you’ve built together. When you feel like the end is near and that’s the only option, it’s… Read More »

Can a Relationship Be Saved after Domestic Violence?

Can a Relationship Be Saved after Domestic Violence?

Physical abuse in your own home is one of the scariest things you can experience. If you’re not safe with your own husband, then when are you ever safe? Everyone who knows you and loves you may get scared too and say you have to get out of that relationship so you’ll be safe. They’ll… Read More »

Top 3 Reasons There’s No Passion in Your Marriage

Reasons There's No Passion in Your Marriage

When there’s no passion in your marriage, first of all that’s a huge disappointment because that’s a big part of the allure of marriage. You vowed to love in sickness and in health partly because you felt so irresistible when he made bedroom eyes or swept you up in his arms and told you how… Read More »

Why Does My Husband Watch Porn

Why Does My Husband Watch Porn

When you discover that your husband watches porn, it can feel really bad, disrespectful even. Here you’re his only partner in the bedroom, but he’s watching other women do nasty things on his phone. It’s so disappointing, and so revolting. It can also make you feel pretty unspecial knowing that your husband watches an endless… Read More »