Five Reasons Your Divorce Is Your Fault

But if he doesn’t fall into one of those categories, he’s a good guy — not a perfect guy, but one you can have a wonderful relationship with when you learn the skills that contribute to intimacy. Below are five ways that women unwittingly sabotage their marriages, along with the proven remedies for restoring the […]

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2013 New Year's Resolution For Love

Make YOUR New Year’s Resolutions for the Love, Relationship and Marriage You Want in 2013 Join Us for a Special Night December 18th! (that’s tomorrow) Tuesday night we will spend one magical hour devoted to helping you clarify your love and relationship desires, shaping them into intentions and resolutions, and defining the simple steps to […]

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Should I Kiss on the First Date

should i kiss on the first date

I Didn’t Let Him Kiss Me Today’s guest blogger, Jeanne, is a single woman enrolled in Intimacy Skills Training. She is learning how to attract and marry the man who’s right for her. The homework was to practice being The Goddess of Fun and Light as described on page 168 of The Surrendered Single. Read […]

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Dear Laura, In my Intimacy Skills Training for Singles, the homework was to smile at every man I see. I feel uncomfortable when someone compliments my smile. I don’t see how this is going to help me find a romantic partner. Dear Erica, It sounds like you have a beautiful smile, which is why they […]

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