How Can I Find My Husband

How Can I Find My Husband? “How can I find my husband?” the pretty chiropractor asked in her coaching session. “That’s the main thing that’s missing in my life–someone great to share it with. I thought I would be married by now.” She’s not the only one. Millions of single women–many bright and accomplished–wonder the […]

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How I Learned The Six Intimacy Skills

I’ve been a relationship expert and best-selling author for over 12 years but I started out as an unhappy wife. Everything in my marriage was a mess. My husband was distant and preferred watching TV to my company or even making love to me. I was responsible for everything because he just couldn’t seem to […]

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Accomplish More by Doing Less

The reason we women end up with so much on our plate is because on some level we don’t trust that our man will do what he said, or we doubt his capabilities and allow the urge to control to take over. When Amy talked about her husband, she explained that there was always a […]

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Creating Intimacy In Relationships

Intimacy In Relationships

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca You’ll like this story about Di. It’s about how she was unwittingly pushing men away and the “a-ha” moment she had that helped her create intimacy in relationships instead of distance. Di was happy to be […]

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How To Listen To Your Husband With Love

A heart message is a statement that sounds like one thing on the surface, but means something else when you probe a little deeper. Your husband may not be explicit about his emotions, but you’ll hear his vulnerability and truth in heart messages if you listen carefully. Heart messages are sometimes hidden under what might […]

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What Men Really Want

Good men are everywhere – and they delight in taking care of us and loving us. Discover how to let men give you what you want- whether it’s a date, a monogamous relationship, or marriage. Once you realize that Intimacy is an actual skill to be learned and that it attracts and sustains vibrant, healthy […]

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