7 Ways to Be More Attractive

Ways to Be More Attractive

7 Ways to Be More Attractive to Your Man

(Hint: It’s Not about Your Looks)

If you’re anything like me and most of the women I talk to, you want to feel that your husband desires you–that he finds you magnetic and irresistible.

If, like me, you’ve found yourself feeling entirely resistible to your man, you know how painful that is.

You might think that means it’s time to get highlights, hit the tanning booth and book a Brazilian.

But when I found myself in a miserable marriage, I had to look beyond blonde locks and bronze skin to create irresistibility. What I learned has given me an unfair advantage.

“Don’t move,” my husband said while I was brushing crumbs off the kitchen counter recently. He got out his phone to take my picture, like I’m a supermodel. This is after 28 years of marriage.

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Communication In Marriage

Communication In Marriage

My Husband Won’t Talk about His Feelings

4 Ways You Can Hear His Heart Message Anyway

It’s natural to want to feel close to your man by sharing your feelings and hearing his feelings too.

But what if he has no idea how to do that?

What if you ask how he’s feeling and he just shrugs and clams up? What if the only feeling he’ll acknowledge is… hunger?

You know he has feelings, but he just won’t talk about them. You wonder if he’s defective and maybe doesn’t even know what he’s feeling, which does not seem healthy.

I used to worry about that with my husband, but then I learned a thing or two about a thing or two.

Now that we have an unbreakable emotional connection, I realize I was going about things all wrong.

Here’s how to know what your husband is feeling.

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My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate Me

My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate Me

My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate Me

3 Ways to Get More Love on Wife Appreciation Day

When your husband is on the couch watching TV or staring at his phone while you’re doing the zillionth load of laundry, shuttling your kids around for the fifth time that day or putting in long work hours, it can rub you the wrong way.

Especially if he doesn’t even seem to know how clean underwear magically appear in his drawer.

It would go a long way to know that he sees how hard you work and that he values it.

But it appears he has no idea. He’s not even aware of all it takes to keep your household running smoothly, which makes you feel lonely and taken for granted.

You could tell him, but what would that accomplish? He’d only nod and listen as long as he thought he had to before he could get back to the TV or phone.

Then you’d feel even lonelier and less appreciated.

At least that’s how it went around here back in the bad old days.

Fortunately, there is a much better way to get some recognition from your husband, which all humans need at times.

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Will the Intimacy Skills Work for You?

Intimacy Skills

Will the Intimacy Skills™ Work for You?

7 Ways Women Say They Knew They’d Turned a Corner

If your relationship feels unbearably hard and hopeless right now, that tells me you’re probably very hurt, and you’ve been getting hurt for a long time now.

You just want that to stop–the way you’d want to stop hitting your head with a hammer.

When you’re feeling that hurt, it’s hard to see possibilities. The only rational thing to do is raise the drawbridge and put on your armor for battle.

If all your recent interactions with your significant other have been antagonistic, then it seems logical to expect the bloodshed to continue.

But past performance is no indication of future results in relationships, especially if you get the element of surprise on your side.

Here’s what happened when real women like you surprised their husbands:

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How to Make Kids listen

How to Make Kids Listen

How to Make Kids Listen

6 Ways to Want to Be Around Your Children Again
Stefanie Herron
Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach and mother of two

Being a parent is maddening. One minute your little angels are so adorable you’re overcome with gratitude for being lucky enough to have them.

The next, they’re possessed by demons, and you wish you could run away from home.

So how do you get the adorable kids to stick around longer?

The ones you not only love but like.

The ones who listen.

Here’s how I exorcised my kids’ bad behavior:

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Stop Silent Treatment

Stop Silent Treatment

Stop Silent Treatment

How to End the Suffering When Your Husband Won’t Speak to You

When your husband is giving you the silent treatment, it hurts. A lot.

I still remember how lonely it was when we had cold wars in my house.

Your brain goes into an endless loop of thinking about how to get him to talk to you again. It gnaws at you and colors everything else in your world.

You’ve already tried begging and pleading and confronting. None of that works. And giving him the silent treatment right back just creates a cold war.

So how can you ever connect again?

How do you stop these endless hostilities?

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How to Know When to Divorce

how to know when to divorce

How to Know if You Should Get a Divorce

Is Marriage to an Addict, Abuser or Adulterer Tolerable or Terminal?

I hate hearing about anyone getting divorced.

But as a relationship coach, almost every day I hear from a woman who is in excruciating pain and on the verge of divorce because her husband is having an affair and refuses to end it.

Or his chronic, excessive drinking has put her over the edge and she is afraid of what the kids are seeing.

Or her self-esteem is gone because of the physical abuse in their home or because he engages prostitutes.

There was a time when I would have urged these women to leave such heartbreaking situations. I wrote exactly that in my first book and more recently in blogs like this one.

I presumed I knew what a woman in such a difficult situation should do.

As if I were the expert on her life.

Which I’m not.

Recently I’ve been confronted with something even worse about what I’ve written for all these years, and I’m embarrassed to say I was too afraid to admit it.

Until now.

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