Would You Be Happier if You Married Someone Else?

John Doyle Recently, Laura and I attended the backyard birthday party of a friend. There were many couples there, most of whom we knew. The evening was unusually humid for Southern California, but there was just enough scattered, light rain to make it refreshing, and we were outside under strings of lights. There was also… Read More »

My Husband Refuses to Work on Our Marriage

Some men go to marriage counseling willingly, but most who go do so grudgingly, and still more flat-out refuse. These men won’t read a book about relationships and don’t seem interested in talking about the problems either. It can be incredibly frustrating for a wife who knows that her marriage isn’t what it could be.… Read More »

What Makes A Happy Marriage (5 Signs)

What Makes A Happy Marriage

I used to think that having a happy marriage was a direct result of marrying the right person. Now I know better. Of course, it helps to marry someone who delights you, but all brides are delighted to marry their husbands on their wedding day. So it’s likely that you did marry someone who delights… Read More »

From Roommate to Romance

Empowered Woman – Courtney I first met my husband at the tender age of 21. We had a whirlwind romance and got engaged only four months after officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Six months after our engagement, we were married. I felt like he was the most amazing man I’d ever met–he was funny, smart,… Read More »

Why Doesn’t My Husband Love Me?

Being married to a man who was once affectionate and thoughtful, but isn’t anymore, is painful and heartbreaking. I still remember what that was like. It hurts just thinking about it, even though that was years ago. But what if the underlying problem was something you could fix pretty quickly, once you knew how? Because… Read More »