Your Experience Can Help Save Marriages

Doesn’t your marriage have to be fixed before you can help someone else? I didn’t set out to be a relationship expert. I was just trying to get my husband to pick up after himself, and be more romantic and quit watching TV all the time. In the process, I accidentally

How Not Talking About Our Relationship Saved My Marriage

I admit that if anyone had told me not to talk about my relationship to my husband when I was newly married 26 years ago, I would have dismissed that person as a nut job. I probably would have smugly said, “We talk about everything.” You might be getting ready to put me in the… Read More »

3 Common Relationship Tips that will Destroy Your Marriage

Secrets to a happy relationship

OOn the Empowered Wife Podcast, I give out The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week Award. There’s never a shortage of bad advice to choose from, and most of it sounds like harmless conventional wisdom, some from well-known experts. But bad relationship advice is harmful. I know from applying some of these ineffective suggestions in… Read More »

Top Secret: I’m Fixing My Marriage. Don’t Tell My Husband

Fixing My Marriage

Should you ever come clean about what you’re doing behind his back? I got a great note from Theresa, who just read The Empowered Wife and got—really got—that the marriage problems she has been griping about and wanting her husband to change for years are mostly things she has been mucking up herself. She wanted… Read More »

Top Three Signs You’re the One Wrecking Your Marriage

Marriage Problem Signs

Everybody knows marriage is a 50-50 partnership, but what if it isn’t? What if one of you is wrecking the marriage and the other person is just responding in kind? Sure, both people are suffering and stressed, but what if one person has the key? Surprisingly, that’s what I see in my relationship coaching practice… Read More »