How to Share the 6 Intimacy Skills with a Friend

Intimacy Skills

How to Share the 6 Intimacy Skills with a Friend

3 Ways to Open the Door without Making Her Feel Defensive

I’ve received a lot of requests for a blog on how to share Intimacy Skills with a sister, mom, daughter or friend.

Seems we all know a woman or two who’s having a tough time in her relationship.

Maybe you listen to her vent or you’re her shoulder to cry on.

You wish you could help her, but sometimes her relationship problems feel insurmountable, or she doesn’t seem open to hearing about what she could be doing differently.

You want to be supportive, but listening to her NET (Needless Emotional Turmoil) is no fun.

You’d love to see her feeling desired, cherished and adored by her man, and you’re wondering how to get the message across without insulting her.

You want to show her some resources, but how?

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Empowered Wives TV

Empowered Wives TV Show

Empowered Wives TV

The Inspirational Series About How to Attract Your Husband’s Time, Attention and Affection

You hardly ever get to hear what’s actually going on inside of people’s marriages.

The more serious the problem, the less you hear about it.

That’s why, when you’re in a struggling relationship, you feel like the only one in the world with that problem.

Of course you’re not.

Lots of women have the same struggles as you in their relationships.

They just aren’t talking about it…except on the new streaming Amazon show Empowered Wives.

The show explores the struggles you rarely hear about, and what a woman can single-handedly do to revitalize her boring or broken relationship.

Each guest has a life-changing insight, and many experience radical transformation as a result of a brief but profound conversation.

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My Husband Hates Me

My Husband Hates Me

My Husband Hates Me

How to Bring Back that Loving Feeling

Recently a woman named Sharon told me that she had no hope of having a happy marriage because her husband hated her.

When I asked how she knew that, she said that he was always scowling at her and that he took every opportunity to say mean things.

It sounded incredibly lonely and painful. I could see why she was feeling so hopeless.

She had plenty of evidence that her husband hated her, and that he hurt her intentionally.

As I listened, I had a hunch there was an entirely different explanation for the way he was acting.

I suspected that her marriage troubles were totally solvable.

Experience told me that her husband’s hatred was more likely a symptom than the real problem.

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How to Save Your Marriage when He Won’t Even Try

How to Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage when He Won’t Even Try

What One Wife Did All by Herself that Made Her Marriage Magical Again

One of the most painful things I often hear from a woman struggling in her marriage is hopelessness about her husband being unwilling to work on the relationship.

She’ll tell me he won’t go to counseling. He won’t even read a single book.

She’s already exhausted from all the work she’s done on the relationship, and it’s apparent he just doesn’t care. At all.

And he’s the one who has the anger problem or who doesn’t make any effort to spend time with the family or who wants to separate.

The good news is that any wife can singlehandedly solve her marriage problems.

And don’t worry–he’ll change too.

That’s what Olivia discovered. I’ll let her tell you in her own words:

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How to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

How to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

How to Get Your Husband to Pay Attention to You

4 Ways to Bring Back the Magic from When You First Fell in Love

Sometimes it feels like everything else is more important to your husband than you are: work, the kids, whoever is texting him. Even the dog gets more of his time than you do!

You’re craving his attention so much it hurts, and yet the whole day passes–and the next and the next–and he has barely acknowledged that you exist.

It’s easy to get resentful and feel unimportant. Him just asking about your day or sitting next to you on the couch would be so simple to do and go such a long way with you.

But he doesn’t. He won’t.

I still remember what that was like.

Since you can’t control anyone except yourself, how do you get him to improve?

Here’s how to solve this painful dynamic:

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5 Radical Self-Care Ideas

Self-Care Ideas

5 Ways to Practice Radical Self-Care

By Dr. Laura Markham, Author, Parenting Expert and Guest Blogger

“Want to feel as playful and vibrant as your children? Want to feel an abundance of energy? Want to experience greater clarity in all you do? Want to wake up jazzed about the day ahead? Imagine taking care of yourself in all the marvelous ways you take care of others. It makes sense that, if you shifted self-care onto the top of your priority list, you would feel more rested, more centered, more present to your loved ones, more joyful…”

— Woman’s Field Guide

Most of us find that when we can stay connected to our internal fountain of well-being, it overflows onto our children and we’re more patient, loving, joyful parents.

To love our children unconditionally, we need to keep our own pitchers full so we can keep pouring as needed.

Quite simply, we can only give what we have inside. And even if parenting is the most meaningful part of your life, it still requires a whole lot of giving.

And yet, most of us live in constant stress, which means we’re often running on empty. Many days we wake up wishing life could be different.

Small wonder we lose patience with our children. And then we feel even worse.

Sadly, remorse and self-blame after we lose patience don’t change anything.

Actually, it makes things worse because you can’t be emotionally generous when you’re feeling like a bad person.

You can.

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How to Get Your Husband to Want a Baby

How to Get Your Husband to Want a Baby

How to Get Your Husband to Want a Baby

4 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your Family

It’s so normal for you to want a baby. And then another, and even another.

Maybe your heart yearns for enough babies to form your own basketball team–or even a baseball team.

But what if your husband isn’t on board? What if he thinks you already have enough kids?

What if he doesn’t even want one child?

One husband told his wife they needed to work on their marriage before they’d be ready to conceive.

To his wife that sounded the same as “We’re never having a baby,” which made her wonder about the benefit of being married at all, since she had always wanted a family.

But just because he’s shaking his head now doesn’t mean he won’t get behind the idea of growing your family.

There are a few simple things you can do to make him much more open to the idea.

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