Verbally Abusive Men and How to Make Them Stop

Verbally Abusive Men

Is your husband or boyfriend incredibly cruel at times? Does he swear, yell and call you names? Does it undermine your self-esteem? If so, then you may be verbally abused. But I’ve made an interesting discovery about verbal abuse. Only women suffer from it—not men. Wrapped inside that mystery is a profound key to making… Read More »

Dial Back the Relationship Drama by Doing This

relationship drama

In the bad old days, when my husband John and I used to fight all the time or have cold wars, there was plenty of relationship drama. It wasn’t much fun, but over time, I got used to it. Drama on the home front was my habit. When I finally discovered and started practicing The… Read More »

How to Get Your Wife to Stop Nagging

how to deal with a nagging wife

As a former nagging shrew, I can tell you that it’s not an enjoyable pastime. It took me a long time to even realize I was nagging. I felt soooo justified. I was convinced that if I didn’t repeat myself and make lists for my husband and manage him, nothing would ever get done. When… Read More »

How to Put an End to Your Husband’s Affair and Get Him Back for Good

my husband had an affair now what

One of the awesomest things about being a relationship coach for over 16 years is that I’ve had the privilege of watching thousands of relationships transform from broken and hopeless to vibrant and connected. My clients often come to me after a stint of marriage counseling (which I don’t recommend for these reasons) or a… Read More »

Critical Discovery About Men That Leads To A More Passionate Marriage

Do you see other men tenderly touching their wives and feel like you’d give anything to be treated that way? What if I could show you exactly what to do so your man can’t keep his hands off of you and came home early from work to see you because to him you are the… Read More »